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Insanely hard time registering..


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Upon trying to register on the forums here I kept meeting with a page that said:

'Hourly registration attempts exceeded,

press your back button or try something else'

No matter what I did. If I tried to register on this computer, or another or anything. It didn't matter that I changed my I.P. address or browser. I kept getting this message. I tried again an hour later, 3 hours later, and a whole day later.

I also tried registering using facebook, to which I got the same error on facebooks page.

Then I tried registering again 2 days later and I got 'Your email address is already taken'

I was like what the..? So I went to recover my account and it turns out that the facebook registration half worked.

So I changed my password, but I STILL got the error.

Now I am back 3 hours later again and finally I am able to log on..

Honestly guys remove this weird thing.. I almost went off to another forum just because I couldn't register to this one. I couldn't even post as a guest and ask for help or anything. I was this close to giving up...

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I had to wait 5 days before I could even register also due to this error, then when I finally got through registration I had to activate my account using the link.

Which, 'Hourly registration attempts exceeded,

press your back button or try something else'

Cost me about 4 hours to finally be able to click it and finally got through. Seriously, remove this crap.

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Appologies for the issues experianced recently. I shall look into the issue with a view to adjusting any applicable settings if set incorrectly.

In the meantime, both Tähkäpää and Crollo have been granted a 3 month free subscription to the "Premium Member" package for their troubles.

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