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Why did I just get an email saying I paid £10 for a Premium Subscripti


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Why did I just get an email saying I paid a total of £10 GBP for a premium members subscription until December?

Frankly I don't use these forums as I have found that it is not frequented by other users of the internet.

So after some months I get this email saying that I have purchased premium membership for £10 GBP obviously I am worried and confused because I never put any of my bank details or anything on the forums here.

So what exactly is going on? Why did I just get an email out of nowhere that I have paid for a subscription when in actual fact I haven't been on the forums here in months!

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Hi Tähkäpää,

As Crollo has pointed out, it's a free subscription given to you due to the problems experienced during registering. The email you received was automated, so rest assured we haven’t acquired any billing details from you.


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