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So, i'm having a laboration in my Computer Basics class right now and I have some MAJOR problems with the permissions for this. I could use some help ASAP! I have already failed once with this and I'm having a go at it tomorrow again, so any help would be appreciated.

So this is what I have to do:

"All files created in this directory should only be accessible by the

user who created the file, and no one else. A user who creates a

file must get full permissions for that file, but no other users

should be able to even read it. For directories, only the user who

created it should have access to it. All other users should be

denied to even list the contents of that directory.

Hint: Use the Creator/Owner placeholder"

There is also another problem with this one. Because I have given a certain group (all personnel) FULL CONTROL over the whole directory, but the users (except for one) can't see the directory at all. I have now removed the directory and created it again in an attempt to start from the beginning.

Any help would be neccessary and I'd appreciate any answers at all.

Thank you for your time!

Kind regards

Karl Edenstål

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