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Remember that FAX is an analogue system and it is necessary to have an analogue modem installed to a likewise analogue telephone network for FAX to be functional.

In my view, FAX isn't a system worth pursuing these days.

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Yep, I thought so. There would seem to be a lot of information available just by putting your orignal post heading into "search", and that information is very comprehensive. Is your post perhaps about some other area of fax in the Windows 7 environment that you couldn't find by usual search ?

See here: http://goo.gl/WpKTj

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Yes, thanks for your reply and demo.

I've actually done a day of research online typing something like what ya've typed. And I maybe have read most of them.

Everytime I seemed to find the soluton and every time the tutorial skips the most important part.

They just took it lightly by saying after setting up a fax server that is free, you click the fax server button and ...

Every tut skips this set-up part and I kinda found in MS websites it says there are four integral part to fax servers.

Fax Role... I forgot... and it further confuses me, frustrated at that point. What'm I gonna do with a fax server that everyone seems to have done it easily but I didn't!

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What'm I gonna do with a fax server that everyone seems to have done it easily but I didn't!

Some more hints here if you still want to have a go, and can cope with the hassle of it:


You could always pay someone who knows what they are doing to set it up for you.

If you cant work it out from well over 5 million results on Google, you have to accept the fact that you may not be the person to work it out at all.

We cant all be good at doing all things. There are times when we need someone else's physical involvement and input. - Horses for courses.

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Thanks for sharing... Fax servers offer a business many advantages, including the flexibility of customized fax routing, and can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional fax machines. The steps involved in setting up a fax server can be complicated, depending on the fax server, the network to which the fax server will be connected and whatever customization is chosen. As each fax server is different, consult the white papers associated with your particular fax server to assist in the setup process...

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