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Hey everybody ! :) This is my first post so bear with me,

Today i was visiting my elderly aunt when all of a sudden the phone rang with a long distance call. She picked up the phone and just by her responses i could tell that it was a fraudulent microsoft scam so her being not so technology savvy called me over to the phone. She told the telemarceter and he happily complied but as soon as he said "Hi my name is Mike and i am calling from microsoft windows" I quickly replied back in a louder more aggressive tone and said "This is a scam !" and then he proceeded to tell me how i didn't know it was a scam , not knowing that i had read about this before. He then started to get nervous and try to convince me. As soon as he started talking his lies i told him that i didn't own any computers and this is a scam so it could not be me, He then quickly said bye bye and hung up on me.

What are your experiences with this ? Has this ever happened to you ?

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Happens to me about 2/3 times a month.

Depending on the mood I'm I'm in, I either say in a spoof accent "I'm sorry young man/woman - I don't have one of these new fangled computer things" which generally means that they just say goodbye and go, or if I'm feeling like a bit of fun I "pretend" to go along with them for as long as I can, asking them to repeat every instruction 2 or 3 times, plus saying that I can't hear them very well, not being able to see what they expect when I don't do what they say, and making them start all over again etc.

So far the longest i have been able to keep them occupied before they give up is 55 minutes :D - can anyone beat that ?

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