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I've switch my main applications (email client + browser) themes to dark themes and I'd really like to do the same for the OS, Windows Vista. For Windows style, I'm stuck in 95, very plain ; I didn't like XP blue&green and I don't like the 3D&translucence of Aero ; the only theme I prefer over Windows 95 one is Gnome. I've tried a few themes from DeviantArt but none seemed functional. I thought it may have been because I tweaked my services (as all recent Windows installations) and realized Themes was set to manual so started it but the Theme settings panel would still not function on the downloaded ones ; the only disabled services on this installation are Dnscache, NetTcpPortSharing, RemoteAccess, SSDPSRV, WerSvc & Mcx2Svc and some other services were switched from automatic from manual.

So in essence, I want a Vista theme for Windows Classic and I won't turn 3D nor translucence for any reason.

Thank you kindly

Hmm! I can't seem to find an option for subscription or notification. I'd like to get an email if someone reply. :unsure: Ah! It was: Follow this topic. Not so obvious.

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