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Serial communiction problem with Qt C++

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I'm experiencing a very weird and annoying problem. While I record the data and I minimize or maximize the SW window I got corrupted data.

BUT, If I first open the RealTerm and then open / close the port and then starting to record data with my SW then the problem is gone.

P.S. it's happened in high rate - 400hz.

Any suggestions?

port = new QextSerialPort(portName,QextSerialPort::EventDriven);

if(!port->open(QIODevice::ReadOnly ))

return -1;

connect( port, SIGNAL(readyRead()), this, SLOT(onReadyRead()));





port->setFlowControl (FLOW_OFF);

port->setRts( true );

port->setDtr( true );

My setup:

Windows xp sp3

Serial port RS-422

BaudRate : 691200

Qt 4.7.0

Qextserialport 1.2 beata2.

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Whoa ! I'm personally baffled by strange terms, all that heavy code BS, and communication problems before I start ! :lol:

Seriously though, unless anyone else comes along who understands Serial communiction within QT C++ here on the forum, I would have thought that perhaps something other than a Windows forum would have reaped faster returns.

Try over at this place:


I'm looking forward to seeing your post, and of course the answer at the Qt Developer Network forum within the next few days.

I am always willing to learn something that is new to me.

Hope this has been of some help.


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You must be aware by this time that to get very far with Qt you must first fully read the wiki.

You in fact, are aware of this because you have already been told.

Basically what you have been told in a very diplomatic way on another forum is, - when you start your projects, it is you who must do most of the footwork, not other people.

I do also agree that your time would be better spent reading the wiki and the developer guides rather than making posts to multiple forums, in multiple places upon those forums. (such as you have here)

As I have already pointed out to you " I would have thought that perhaps something other than a Windows forum would have reaped faster returns." I made this statement knowing already that you had enrolled at QT Developer forum some time back.

It seems more than a little strange that you post here when you have Debao who is a qt certified specialist that you can communicate with on the forum, and moderators who are au fait with the language.

If for some reason you have not been able to find the guides or the wiki here are links:




The readers here will be able to see the answer to your original post here: http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/21820/

Best of luck


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