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how to get rid of the noise?

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You are just asking "Too many people".

You just need one good buddy to talk you down from a bad trip man. - I've been there.

Think it through and try to get your "Buddy" to explain it to the forum so that we can help with the problem.

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Have just had chance to re-evalute and make more of a grab at your main title - "How to get rid of the noise?"

If the noise that you are hearing is "Voices", and they are telling you it is time to go - Clean the Guns.

Hang tight we are trying to trace you. Do not listen to any other signals that are coming in to your network but ours.

The codewords will be "Red Squirrel In a Snow Situation"

(Would I make a good scriptwriter or what already ?. B) )

Put the guy on the telephone that thought it was funny that my Mother-in-Law Died recently. I'll show him what real funny is already. :)

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