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Yet Another Puzzle Posting

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My wife and I now share a Windows 8 desktop computer - each with our own accounts.

I have a Notebook which is used when we are away, my wife has a Nexus 10 Android tablet which she uses both at home and away.

Now for the puzzle.

When my wife uses her Tablet and clicks on Google search - it opens a drop down window showing a list of Google searches either of us have recently made on the desktop using Google search in IE10 and our respective Windows accounts.

This does not happen when I use the Notebook - it only shows the recent searches carried out using the Notebook itself. Also on the desktop computer I can only see the recent searches I have made from my account - and not those made by my wife using her account.

So how does this work?

Does Google store all the searches made from our home IP address and then display them on the tablet via Android when it is used at home?

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My wife has a Gmail which she uses daily - I also have a Gmail account but it has been dormant for a couple of years.

My Email is through Virgin Media who use the Gmail servers but with their own brand. I use Outlook for Email and not the Virgin webmail.

Our desktop windows 8 computer has IE10 as a browser with a gooqle search plug-in. We do not use Chrome - I tried it a while back, didn't like it, and uninstalled it.

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Hi Alan. I am at Dartmoor again for a while. The prison governor has been ever so understanding and allowed me supervised use of a computer. :)

We received your email which I took as being a block mail to all friends and family. As the subject was already covered in our quite recent telephone conversation I didn't bother to go any further until I heard more from you re: - New Address and Phone number. Can I still use your past telephone number once we are home ?


I digress. - Back to your puzzle.

What is happening obviously should not be happening unless you have set something up wrongly. No way should the viewing habits of one account be able to be viewed from another account.

(Absolutely crushing when the missus finds out you have been Googling for "Bad Boys In Leather" old chap.)

As you use "Google Play" are you completely sure that the Nexus and the Desktop are not signed in with the same user and password ? - It would be best as a first stage to sign out, and then sign in again on each of the Google accounts individually, - including the Notebook, on which of course you still have the choice of three options. Your Account (Desktop) - Libby's Account (Nexus) - Your Account ( Dormant account)

Just in case anything strange is going on it would also be worth going into Account settings on each one when signed in and making sure that nothing is ticked that should not be ticked. https://www.google.com/settings/account

As apps can be installed onto the Nexus from the Desktop when signed in with the same Username & Password, - Are you sure this is not what has happened ?

Most times when there are only two of you, it is far easier just to stick to signing in with the same user account across the whole span of machines.

So how does this work?

Does Google store all the searches made from our home IP address and then display them on the tablet via Android when it is used at home?

If people found out how Google works their devious little system Alan, 99% of folks wouldn't use it at all. :lol:

"Google" "Nexus Google" "Google Apps" are not for the paranoid or feint of heart. - A Power unto themselves are Google. :)


Do me a favour Alan.

There is a chap called SUPRIYA74569 sitting over at "Hardware Support and Discussion" since 18.43 yesterday.

He may well be a genuine poster. - Could you point him towards the things that I wrote up on "Blue Screen Of Death" (BSOD's) in "Essential Guides" Please ? Others seem a tad too busy at the moment, and my Internet connection is blowing about like a candle in the wind here on the Moors mate.



Luv to 'er indoors. :wub:

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Just bumping it up to the top again Alan. Bumping posts around, to either lose them, or have them seen would seem to be the to be the current game to play at the moment. :)

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Sorry John - we are down in a cottage in Dorset and cut off from the internet World. I have had to climb a 300 foot hill to get my dongle to work - and am now too puffed out to use it.

If no-one else has answered your need by the time I get back to civilisation on Tuesday - I will do the needful.

Regarding phones - we probably move house on June 3rd and have the phone reconnected on the 4th. The home phone will remain the same - as will my Email address - because the new house has a cable connection..

Enjoy the moors

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