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JPG colour differences between edit and preview - RESOLVED

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Hi people, I dont know if this is the right place to ask this but I dont know where else to ask.... it's a pretty odd one and I've not seen it before.

I have some jpgs, when I right click and go to preview using the windows picture viewer I see the image with the same colours that I would when I edited it in photoshop elements. THIS IS GOOD.

when I add the image into word, the colours look different. For example my yellows are now green. THIS IS BAD.

when I open the image in paint the colours look like they did in word.... THIS AGAIN IS BAD.

when I print, the colours look like they do in word.... THIS OF COURSE IS VERY BAD.

When I preview the image again in windows picture viewer the colours look correct.

Does anyone have any clues why the colours are acting like this?

I've also tried creating a screen shot of my problem jpg. Pasting this into Paint (colours look fine so far), saving this and then closing it. I then open the preview and also open it again in paint. Paint now has the wrong colours.....

Photoshop elements wasn't used in this part of the test

Attached is one of the jpgs that I am having problems with. Yellow in preview, green in edit / print and word.


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Thanks but that's not what I need however I have found the source of my problem.....

It turns out that different parts of Windows were using different monitor profiles. Adobe Photoshop express and the windows preview were both using my DELL SP2309W profile, where as other areas where using a windows default monitor profile.

I went into control panel, then color management. There is a tick box that says "use my settings for this device". I ticked this on all monitors and that fixed everything apart from Photoshop.

I then went into Photoshop. Changed a setting in preferences that meant all warning dialogues would be re-shown, one comes up on load about monitor profile, this allowed me to pick which to use.

Now all colours are working correctly. Turns out my image was always green, and the fact it was showing yellow in some apps etc was the issue (not the other way around)

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