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Windows Explorer Problem

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Hi, I experience a problem with my Windows Explorer lately. When I open the pc everything seems to work fine in windows explorer but after some minutes the navigation pane is empty showing only Favorites, Libraries and Homegroup. When i try to open the Computer the windows explorer doesnt react and it just shows a blank page. Same happens when I open Control Panel for some reason and it only has a blank page. The icon of some files is missing and when i delete all files from Recycle Bin the icon disappears. I try to reload the desktop but the Icon of the Recycle Bin will be still blank. Moreover, when i right click a folder and press Properties,nothing happens.

I've tried to make full scan on my computer with Malwarebytes and ESET smart security 5 (premium). I did find some viruses and deleted them but i still had the same problem. Please give me a solution ....

Here are some images so you can understand.







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:) Lovely pictures special one. - Just a slight suggestion though, - when you upload to Imageshack, upload as jpeg it just does save so much space on the intertubes dear one.

Please give me a solution ....

"Give me" - It is, - Very bold. - I am so much liking such a thing in a post, - and so pleasant about your nature that you have also remembered to say the magic word please.

You wish this advice as a gift ? - Or perhaps are you trying to barter ? -

- Aah, - I only joke, - But fear not zikaros2, - Someone with a better internet connection than myself at present will be with you soon to offer such very excellent free advice I am sure.

Our very own Rongee (Rong) who has often disagreed with the way posts are answered here on the forum is very much your man I feel.

Over to you Rongee Sahib to answer this persons problem.

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Here are some images so you can understand.

I don't see any images; just links to an external website.

If you have something to show us, post it directly here in the forum, not on some dubious 3rd-party website.

sorry but i'm a new member here and i just found this forum. I dont know how to directly upload the photos here. Please if you dont mind can you please send me a PM? thank you

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To upload images here in the forum:

  1. use the Attach This File at the bottom of the forum editor

  2. browse to the file location and select it

  3. click Attach This File

  4. click Add to Post


(I've just added an image while following my own instructions.)

P.S. PNG and JPG images are fine.

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Thank you for posting the screenshots. Now I'm a bit confused; why the image of the Recycle Bin?

And how did Explorer get from image 1 to image 5 - it's a completely different view! Image 1 shows the left pane as a list of 'Computer'; image 5 shows the left pane as icons of 'Libraries'.

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Exactly, it does that all the time. If i open windows explorer from Computer then computer appears also in the left pane but if i open it from documents only libraries favorites and homegroup appears. The thing is that i want full left pane. I mean with everything like Documents/Recent Places/Videos/Music/Downloads etc.

Picture 1 is when i have opened the pc with left pane fine but Computer not opening.

Picture 2 is with the left pane problem.. No full shortcuts only Homegroup/Favorites/Libraries

Picture 3 Problem with Recycle Bin icon

Picture 4 Problem with Control Panel that does not open.

Picture 5 is the same problem with picture 2.

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