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Add A Letter Quiz


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The answer to the first clue is a SIX letter word.

Add a letter to that word to give the answer to the second clue.

Example: Annoy a close relative = BOTHER / BROTHER

1. Talk among yourselves about a pine tree = CONFER / CONIFER (rong)

2. Lords it over everyone then packs it all in

3. A modern pop singer who used to hunt for a living = RAPPER / TRAPPER (rong)

4. A seafood favourite to put a light in your eye = WINKLE / TWINKLE (-pops-)

5. Was very scruffy but still pulled

6. Make a heck of a noise putting up a shelf support = RACKET / BRACKET (rong)

7. A man all alone in his underwear = SINGLE / SINGLET (rong)

8. Get in a sweat then hide maybe = LATHER / LEATHER (-pops-)

9. If you pay attention you could shine = LISTEN / GLISTEN (rong)

10. Feeling healthier, go for a fried treat = FITTER / FRITTER (rong)

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