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Is Windows NT 4.0 Server and Client compatible to newer computer build

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Good day guys,

Our uncle let us fix their HR System (Human Resource System), and we gathered these problems: (The problems to be presented must be only fixed by automation(computer program))

They have a very old hardware (since 1999) for the system, the Server is running Windows NT 4.0 Server and to be able to access it they have a client, Windows NT running in a virtual machine, with HOST OS of windows 98 (since 1999).

They have a very old printer (since 1999) attached to the client computer. The model/brand is Kyo Cera. The printer has a parallel connector.

Well, our real problems are:

1.1 Does Windows NT 4.0 compatible to newer computer builds, so we can just install the OS in there?

1.2 If not, what causes it? Is there a limitation for the OS to be installed?

1.3 Is the printer compatible to newer computer builds together with the client OS?

1.4 For illustration purposes of our propose solution: We may assume that:

we now bought:

-new computer with windows 7 OS

-new printer(usb)

Is it possible to have/ run properly and smoothly a Windows NT 4.0(client) in a virtual machine like "Virtual Box" with a HOST OS of windows 7?

1.4.1 Can the virtual OS access the windows NT 4.0 Server and read/write data to it?

Can the virtual OS access the new printer and be able to print? .

*we can't find many information regarding this topic many don't exist/deleted.

THANKS for the HELP :D

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I have read your post several times, but I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do.

Do you want that 1999 HR application to run on Windows 7 - is that it? If so, you should be able to run it in NT4 Compatibility Mode.

If it's something different, please clarify.

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