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Word automation and Win 2008 Configuration challenges

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I may be wrong on this and therefore I am open to corrections and fresh ideas. First let me tell you what I am trying to do. I want to generate series of Word docs, send them to different email boxes as email attachment, after this is accomplished, send SMS to the people concerned that the task is accomplished and they should check their mails. It is working on the development box (Win XP).

I now moved it to the production server (Win 2008 R2, Standard). When I tested it, I did NOT see the expected mails, neither was SMS seen. I am fairly sure the documents were generated, but it was as if they vanished. I came to this conclusion because in the course being generated, some records in a table were correctly manipulated.

To accomplish this task, I created a DLL. In order for this DLL to have access to the requested tables and folders, I used appPool(I created one with LocalSystem). My understanding that this is a very special account that is very powerful, and has access to all files and folders.

I think there is one or two switch that I need to flip. I wanted to manipulate Component Service to give it Launch and Activation Permission, but somehow I am unable to do this. What do you think I am doing wrong? Or is this not the type of question I should ask here. Thanks a lot

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