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Updating to Windows 8.1 - low disk space.


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Howdy fellow internet travelers,

I'm interested in updating my Windows 8 to 8.1. However, when I download the update from the store and try to install it, it says I have not enough disk space.

My whole OS is placed on this tiny 64gb SSD drive, I've tried cleaning it up but I still lack the space to update to 8.1.

I'm quite scared to touch anything OS related, so I hope you might know how I can update to 8.1.


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I have 13GB free space, and evreything that's on it is windows related. My games, movies, pictures etc is stored on a different drive.

I read that the update makes a backup of your Windows, PerfLogs, Program Files, Program Files(x86) and Users folders, these are 40GB.

If the update stores the made backups on the SSD, then it would be impossible for me to update (simply not enough space).

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