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How to retrieves files deleted from flash drive

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I was transferring 32GB of files from one flash drive to another. During that process, my computer crashed and shut down unexpectedly. When I powered back on, there were many files missing that were not in the folders they were supposed to be in; in neither of the flash drives. I tried several recovery programs, but I had no luck yet. They all seem to find the ones that were transfered, not necessarily deleted or corrupted. I know that the chances of getting them back are very rare, but is there any way at all? I had so many files. If I have to pay for a good program, then I'll pay. The price doesn't madder to me. I just need to find a way to get the files back. I'm pretty desperate. Is there any solution at all?

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This program is working out great. I chose to scan all locations and I had the scan go on over night, and I'm finding all of my old files again. Thank you! I really didn't think I was going to get them back. It's so much better than the other programs I used which were trial versions. So happy!

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Check your recycle bin?

I know this is a USB stick and I can't be sure, but if you are lucky any file delete, even from an external drive, might still be in the recycle Bin.

If not, then there are various options to recover your file. One of them is recuva, which attempts to recover deleted files even from a USB stick.

Hope that helps.

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