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Windows 10 nightmare.

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Well I have had some fun with Windows 10.
No problem with the upgrade, but decided to go back to Win 7 as some of my installed software did not work properly, this seemed no problem till it rebooted and the MBR was missing.

So of to the Acronis back up to get Win 7 back, although it is the 2014 version it would not complete.
So out came the Win 7 disk to use the repair function to restore the MBR, no such luck, it could only find a Windows 10 installation
Tried to do a fresh install with the Window 7 retail DVD, every time it tried to install it kept on throwing up errors.

I had already got a Win 10 on a USB stick so I have done a fresh install and the software that would not work properly would not even install from the disks I have.

Still there is free software to replace most of it.

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Sounds somewhat like my horror show with the Samsung Netbook! I couldn't get Win10 past the boot up process - it was in a perpetual boot loop, so I was unable to roll back to Win7 in the way provided. The Samsung Recovery took it back to the same state it was in when I purchased it in 2010/11.

It took 2 - 3 days to download and install all of the Win7 updates again (some of which kept failing). Fortunately there was no personal data on there which was of any consequence.

What a nightmare it must be for people who are inexperienced - and there must be a vast amount of them!

Good to see you back again though, Alan.

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Which software would not work on Win 10 ?

Adobe photoshop elements 5, tetris, (2 variations) scanner software.

OK these are all old programs but have worked in everything up to win 7.

Irene, the only course I had was to physically remove the SSD drive and format it with another computer, but then I thought about all the updates I would have to install if I put Win 7 back on.

The upgrade went without a hitch, so did the fresh instillation of Win 10, I never had a problem with them, it was just some of my old software would not install, thats what started the problems.

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Exactly what I thought qould happen (and (and predicted in an earlier post.

I'm surprised at the low/no general public dissatisaction - at least as far as the press is concerned - just the thing to keep the newsparers going in thepaucity of real news during the summer.

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It was back to Windows 8.1 Pro for me last night. Just did the restore thingy. Enough is enough. Couldn't get my laser printer to work even with the updated driver from Samsung, funny thing is the Epson worked printed OK except the scanner part was redundant.

I tried putting some photo's onto the Windows Essentials photo file and it wouldn't take them. Tried just about everything, so that did it for me. I think I'll wait till 10.10 comes out then I might give it another try.

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I've done the upgrade on our laptop. Done it for me having to try and sort this thing out so as to be workable.

Helped me make up my mind not going to upgrade to W10 on this PC. No way need it for work.

Why oh why does M$ do this to us? they know XP was the most popular brought out Vista flopped, then W7 and most waited and still businesses I know using XP - and now some upgrading to 7. Big ones too. Must have got hold of discs etc. Or bought them somewhere. Anyway I think they have another flop on their hands and why free.

OK for those with laplets and all these as well as smart phones etc but not for working on for business purposes.

Wait for W10 to boot up is abysmal. :ranting: then when finally something appear Hello etc it goes and then comes back again but smaller and then finally get in. Got rid of it wanting to have password. And not liking having all the privacy stuff turned off.

Half the time although administrator say not got permissions but still looking for them and Security center is not working.

Looked in services etc after finding them - no idea why this is down. Gave up as had to get paid to eat, and wont if I tarry too long on that. :censored:

Now got to work out how to get the upgrade off of the PC which is running beautifully not got problems since got MS onto it and they upgraded my W7 Home as my 64 bit disc faulty. Another reason to stay with 7. :devil:

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Why oh why does M$ do this to us?

Supporting a whole range of operating systems costs a lot! Windows 10 is the last and final Microsoft OS; after a while, everybody in the whole world will be on Windows 10.

Don't hurry with upgrading; take your time, and do it when you (and Microsoft) are ready...

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Is this really the ultimate OS?

Hard to believe that, unless going out of the competitive side of the business or rather out of research and just onto servicing the one OS.

Less staff of course. Maybe Bill has had enough and about to retire just keep it ticking over so to speak :beach:

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Maybe Bill has had enough and about to retire

Bill Gates retired from Microsoft in 2008.

Yeah right on - but has to be a reason. Its like Ford saying wont be making any new cars after this. Stick with the last model and then when sales slip make less and less as someone leaps in and fills the space with new modern model that catch the eye so sell.

Who knows....................has to be a reason to my mind.

Logical as my pointy eared mate sadly passed would have said. We miss you Spock :rofl:

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I doubt it. There are a number of operating systems available, some have general uses, some have more specialised applications but the day when all computers come under the control of one conglomerate will not happen. 

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Looks like the time for W 7 is fast approaching zero.  January 20th 2019 o thereabouts. Had reminders ............

What to do is the question. Maybe 10 has improved and then maybe we can now have programs we want not what they think we can have. Went a bit Left Wing Actavistic like so many today. Firefox did the same. So use Chrome now for years or Avast Secure Browser. 


I own my machine - and paid for the oS so I must be given a choice as to which programs I run as the Vendors of these are given a choice to update or not.


Waiting for the off - I did set q0 up on all computers - and told since did so can now go to 10 without having to pay for it.  Hope that is the case. Seems as long as MS has your computer's ID,  it kept it and why you can go get it back again.

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