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What VPN are you using?

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With all the talk of having been spied upon and tagged by governments etc and also wanting to stream movies and being unable to etc many now using a VPN.


I used one with my Avast for about a year but a while back and not so much to be streamed etc back then so let it go.


Now just tried Tunnel Bear and it didnt like my computer as usual. Didnt find out why.

Then paid for Express VPN - same thing - did refund money ok as promised as no free trial.


so now pondering what to try next so thought ask and see if anyone here has a recommendation.


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Hello Lamb Chop,


I know this post is a little late but as the saying goes 'Better late than never".


I use PureVPN. It is very good. It's rather not vey cheap either. I paid £52.00 for a lifetime subscription, as I said it's very good and does the job very well.  Not all the best software is free.

Hope this helps. 

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