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What are you having for dinner today?


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It wasn't a burger. 


Oxford Dictionary..

  • A flat round cake of minced beef that is fried or grilled and typically served in a bread roll


It was a pork pattie


  1. Mix pork, breadcrumbs, red pepper flakes, Iberico chorizo, salt, egg, milk, parsley and onions together in bowl. Shape into 8 to 12 patties.
  2. Slowly brown in frying pan until juices run clear; drain well. Heat sweet and sour sauce in frying pan. Place cooked patties in pan and heat through.






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7 hours ago, andsome said:

Quorn escallops with salad. Nice and light veggie meal. My weight loss has ground to a halt this last few days.

How a man of good taste who decries McDonalds can eat that disgusting plastic muck, defies belief...…………Puke.gif

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I can never understand why any vegetarian/vegan food eater would want to have their non-animal derived nutrition manipulated into looking and tasting like the very things that are being avoided. There is something fundamentally wrong with this whole idea.

Vegetarian mince, burgers and sausages are old hat but, I see now that there is Linda McCartney non-fish, non-meat scampi available http://lindamccartneyfoods.co.uk/our-food/frozen-range/vegetarian-scampi-bites/?Vegan

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2 hours ago, Belatucadrus said:

Some years ago there was a radio phone in and somebody asked Nigella Lawson "was there any way to make quorn taste good". Her answer was simple and to the point, "No and with so many tasty vegetables available if you want to go vegetarian why waste your time on quorn".  Seems good enough to me.

We happen to enjoy them.:hi:

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Inventing something today.

It's a sort of smoked haddock fishcake in a potato shell. Made with oven baked potatoes - remove flesh and mix in lightly poached smoked haddock, butter and seasoning (including chopped fresh parsley). Reload into the potato skins, top with grated Cheddar and return to the oven to reheat and brown the topping.

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8 hours ago, andsome said:

We had beer battered Bassa with a very small helping of chips, plus mush peas.

There is no way I would eat Basa fish - There is a video on You Tube of a basa farm located at the sewage outlet from the local town. It turned my stomach. Basa are bottom feeding catfish and whilst I do not know of any reported health problems in the UK - there have been numerous in the USA and Canada. Some States have banned it because of high antibiotic content. Disease is rife in the basa farms so they pour antibiotics into the water - which of course gets into the flesh.

It's only merit is that it is cheap - but that may come at a price.




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I would never eat basa either.


My smoked haddock potato skin invention yesterday was a big success. A slight modification was that I added a couple of finely chopped spring onions.

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1 hour ago, AlanHo said:

Basa are bottom feeding catfish

Wrong actually, Basa/Pangasius are mid water swimmers and are part of the shark catfish group. It's just a name they're not related to sharks in any way.

I find the idea that the USA ban it because of antibiotic content risible, in the US they regularly stuff all their livestock with antibiotics, it's the main reason they can't export the crap to Europe. The hypocrisy is staggering but perhaps unsurprising as one of the main creators of the "Poison Basa" stories are the American catfish farms who are in all probability no better than their Vietnamese counterparts.

Read this

We haven't made Basa a staple part of our diet but on the flip side it tastes good and has never caused us any problems on the occasions we've eaten it.

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