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I have been experimenting with my home made bread, not being happy with the funny shape produced by my bread machine. The loaves are too tall for their other dimensions and I don't like the impression in the bottom due to the paddle. I transfer the dough after the second kneading to a loaf tin, and lo and behold a MUCH better shape. Here is one I made earlier today.  A mixed fruit loaf.  Surely this is worth a little extra trouble?  More details if anyone is interested. Baking times and temperatures need adjustment



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11 minutes ago, Irene said:

Looking good, andsome.  :biggrin: 


Which machine do you have? 

I have a Morphy Richards. As I said though I am not happy with the shape of loaf that bread machines give. This is why after the second kneading I transfer the dough to a loaf tin. I warm the oven up to just over 15 degrees and leave it in there until the highest part of the dough has risen to about 10 mm above the side of the tin. I then turn the oven up to 220 degrees. As soon as the light goes out I turn it down to 150 degrees, and set the timer to 75 minutes. When the top is looking fairly brown I cover it with a sheet of foil When the time is up I tip it out of the tin and return it to the oven for a further 8 minutes out of the tin. It seems a bit of a fiddle but the results are well worth it in my opinion. Ovens vary of course and experimentation is required.

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3 minutes ago, Belatucadrus said:



If you enjoy home made bread and the making if it, to me it is well worth the trouble. I never did like the shape of machine made loaves or the impression left by the paddle.

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