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Computer Password Managers - Recommendations

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I am no longer able to remember passwords reliably and never use the same one for all websites - so I have them listed on an encrypted Word file on a password protected memory stick with a duplicate in a secret place in my garage.. If I ever forget the password for the memory stick, lose it, or forget where I hid the duplicate, I would be somewhat inconvenienced. In any event, it is a clunky way of going about it.


Thoughts turn to password managers - but I know little about them.


How safe are they, how easy are they to use, how do they work?


For example - if I wanted to open my Harrods account - would I open the Harrods web site, then "Account" then click on "sign in"


I would then be presented with a window to enter my details - but with a password manager installed - what comes next next.


At present I have to insert my memory stick, enter its password, open the file in Word and then open the password file which is itself protected by a Word password, find  Harrods, copy its passsword then return to the Harrods website and paste it into the log-in box.


By the way - the use of the word Harrods was to tease you - Tesco would be more accurate.


I know at least one of you guys uses a password manager - which one? and a few words of your experience with it.  I know some are free and others subscription. Free security bothers me - how on earth do they stay in business without bombarding you with adverts


None of the password manager reviews or even the maker website, go into much detail. They all boast of their features but none show you exactly how you use them. Most reviews recommend Dashlane or Roboform - do either really offer a free tasty and satisfying lunch they doesn't eventually poison you.



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