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Windows Live Mail problem


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Hello there,




Im using windows live mail since 2 years. Recetly I have met a problem with that, is while opening the messenger it is showing the error "You are currently offline, would you like to go online now? "




If I click YES, then again the below message is displaying ---




There was an error when attempting to connect to the Windows Live Calendar service. If the error persists, check to see if there's an upgrade of Windows Live Mail available or contact a service representative.




Can anyone out there to help me in this regard? Im using windows 7 proffessional.


Thanks in advance.

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Further to andsome's replies above -



Microsoft announced that Outlook.com was discontinuing support for Windows Live Mail during 2016 by dropping support for the DeltaSync protocol.

Their Mail app (bundled with Windows 10, available in Windows Store) is a replacement for it.

Microsoft's Windows Live Mail 2011 and 2012 continue to work with Hotmail e-mail accounts by using IMAP (or, less effectively, POP) in place of DeltaSync. 

Gmail and other service providers still support DeltaSync, so users can still use Windows Live Mail with non-Microsoft email accounts.

Windows Essentials 2012, including Windows Live Mail 2012, reached end of support on 10 January 2017.



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I recommend to please check the send/receive messages settings to make sure that your Live Mail is connected. To do this, please follow these steps:


1. Open Live Mail.

2. Sign in to your email account.

3. Click the Blue tab.

4. Click Options and choose Mail...

5. Click the General tab and under Send/Receive Messages, please select Connect even when working offline.

6. Click Apply and OK.


After that, try to click Working Online and see if the issue will persists.


Let us know how things turn out!




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