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Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809)


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26 minutes ago, IMTNT said:

Should I just ignore?  I see no option to uninstall/delete the download.

I'm not sure what you should do. 


I recently had a similar problem with an update on my laptop and ignored it but it refused to go away.


I solved it by restoring the computer from an Acronis back-up made 3 weeks before.

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I hope you are right pops - it didn't work for me.


My problem turned out to be that my laptop - being one of the super slim type - does not have a 2.5" SSD. It looks more like an overgrown memory card on the motherboard.


Those from Intel were not catered for in the Windows update, which downloaded but failed to install - or go away.


I only use the laptop for taking with me on holiday and it was a couple of months before it was booted again. It then downloaded the update - which then installed without a problem

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According to the BBC, the update has been "paused"!




Not much help to those already stricken.


Just like the old days when it was advisable to wait a couple of weeks before installing any updates. Not so easy now, though, when, more often than not, it does the update without you knowing.


Waiting with interest to find out what M$ is doing to clear this up.


Glad my main machines are still using Win 7.

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An IT guru in Australia has suggested that the problem of the missing files is possibly restricted to those using some Anti Virus apps.  This has not been verified by Microsoft.


Windows Restore will not recover the document files but some users have claimed success using Piiform Recuva software



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In the case of Apple - because their OS only has to work on a narrow range of computers and very limited software - they are less exposed to problems caused by the millions of permutations of hardware and software Microsoft face.


It is not without significance that most small and large companies, public bodies and private owners are wedded to M$ and not Apple.


The only markets I know of which favour Apple, is those companies and private people engaged in advertising, music and graphic design. 


I would be more than happy to buy a Mac with less exposure to OS problems, if it wasn't so ridiculously priced and if it would run my favourite software. 


It fails to attract me as a customer for both the above reasons.

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7 minutes ago, andsome said:

I cannot understand how they arrive at their ridiculous prices

It's the actually build of the machine andsome. I could go into detail but will be sitting here all day. There are Apple machines out there that are Twenty-five years old and still running strong. Granted they are not as upgradable (OS wise) as a modern machine due the changes in Apples programming techniques......e.g. the current Graphics is Metal. The graphics card's in the old machines won't handle it, but never the less they are stilling going on the old OS very well. 

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They are a lot of money andsome. It all depends on what you class as a lot of money at the end of the day though. You get what you pay for. It's like a Ford Ka and a Rolls Royce. Which is the better Car?

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I see what you are getting at, but I could not justify spending that much on a computer. I use it for e mails, letters, coming on here and another forum. Searching for things that I find interesting.  I can’t think offhand of anything else. 

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Getting back on topic.


This was posted on my other forum by one of the members who is head of an IT dept and who regularly offers help on Windows and Malware problems. It might be worth a try if Windows Update gets stuck - but if it were me - I would take a full back-up of the errant computer onto removable media just in case it makes things worse.



Another awesome tool to keep in your collection https://www.rizonesoft.com/downloads/complete-internet-repair if you happen to experience problems with your system that the built in Troubleshoot feature fails to fix then Complete Internet Repair is a god send. 

I tested it first hand when Windows Update failed on the latest Cumulative Update which kept giving an error saying Retry and/or reboot , the Windows Troubleshoot feature didn't detect any errors either. 


I couldn't be bothered going through the resetting of the BITS service process usually required and discovered the aforementioned tool.


I downloaded and ran the Portable zip version (which doesn't require installation) ? ticked the necessary box - Repair Windows / Automatic Updates, clicked go, and in a flash it had performed automatically all the awkward steps I would of had to do manually to make my repairs.


Make sure to read all documentation first and only run the necessary feature to repair what's broken...it's not a toy to play with

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Further thoughts on the lost files :-


It is probable that the problem of lost files resulting from the Win 10 1809 update was limited to machines where users had directed the contents of the default folders (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos) to identically named folders on another drive.


People do it, to either create more space on the C;\ drive, or store the OS and apps in one partition or physical drive and all data on another. This can simplify back up and recovery procedures


For example, if you ran out of space on your C:\ drive or are swapping it for a smaller SSD. You would add a second drive to your system for the default data folders. To do this, you create

Folders on the second drive such as “D:\documents” and change the location of the files from the original location (C:\users\username\documents) to the new folder D:\documents. You do the same for the Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos folders.


If all the contents of c:\users\username\documents were not moved to D:\documents, (or new files saved there later), then a user may have lost these unmoved files when the October 2018 1809 update was installed. This is because the original “old” folder was deleted, including the files in that folder (in this example c:\users\username\documents would be deleted; d:\documents, the new location, would be preserved).



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I have had three Windows updates since returning from holiday in the last week - but they were all for Win 10 version 1803. The problem one is a Win 10 feature update numbered 1809. 


We will all be getting it when M$ have sorted the problem.


This sort of problem is unlikely to occur on a Mac because users are the prisoners of Apple not allowing users to tweak their systems or install unauthorised software. This is surely a virtue and not a vice.

Many's the time that I have wreaked havoc by meddling with my PC - but it's good fun digging yourself out of the hole.


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