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Catgate The Prophet

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catgate posted this on March 25th 2010


I think the current state of WF is due to several factors.


One is that, if it is to be seen as a "Modern, with-it" forum, it is “over moderated”. However, since the “Modern, with-it forum”, where virtually anything and everything (including spam, advertising and obsenity) goes through without question, is not to my liking, nor I suspect to most of us online geriatrics, this in itself is a commendation as far as I am concerned. Though I can see it as a turn off to those of the LOL, OMG, UYFA, etc persuasion.


To a chap (or chapess*) with a M$ OS problem a forum called "Windows forum" would seem a likely place to get help with that problem, and he (or she*) would not necessarily expect to come back occasionally for a cup of tea and a slice of toast. Conversely any passer-by wanting a pot of tea and a chat is not likely to pop in to a site called “Windows forum”.



Another factor seems to me to be that the "Raison d'etre" of the forum, was to deal with the problems and vagaries of W95, W98, ME, XP etc.. From my point of view, as a very satisfied Linux user of two or three years standing, M$ appear to have realised that they had to improve their act to get more bookings, because they were starting to see defection and serious opposition. Consequently there now seems to be less trouble with the later M$ OSs than the earlier ones, and the service updates are better. This observation is based on what I have seen on WF and also on local Yorkshire hearsay, From what I can see M$ has now learned (well almost) that it can no longer turn out rubbish and expect the punter to sort it out.


There is also a growing body of amateur knowledge locally throughout the country. due in part to the more widespread ownership of computers and also due to more of their use in schools.


So currently what is left of WF could develop into the nucleus of a old folks club.



Welcome to the online Darby and Joan club.





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I think that "the online Darby and Joan clubs." have done a wonderful job of resurrecting  afternoon tea and biscuits.  Unfortunately the quality of today's biscuits is far lower than it should be for true D&J club. 


This matter needs bringing to the fore at the next meeting of the Steering Committee.

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