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Freenas server

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Couple of months ago I added Dell Poweredge server to my home network with the intention to share files/media across my household. And to play around with networking. 


Network consists of: 

1. Virgin Media provider, dual band wireless modem/router with 4 LAN ports. 

2. My PC (Windows 10 Professional), hardwired to the router. 

3. Number of laptops/tablets/SmartTV's (Windows/Android) running wirelessly. 


1. Dell Poweredge 840 running fresh install of Freenas (upto date version). 

2 Hardwired to the router. 


First impressions. 

After connecting the server to the router and booting up, I recorded the assigned IP. 

Switched to my PC, typed in the IP in the browser - boom: Freenas page, logged in as root (password provided by the previous owner). Excellent. 

My Computer/freenas server - I am in the storage pool.

So far so good. 

Checked few of my home devices (Android/Windows/SmartTV's) , I can access the server's storage!



I started exploring the Freenas configuration. Not that I easily understood everything ... slowly ...

I played a bit with setting up new account! But ...

In the meantime a major update has been applied to my Windows 10. 1803. 

I could not set up any new account. 

I lost access to the shares on my Windows 10. 






My Windows 7 laptop still can access the shared drive. 


After searching the Web I found the reason. Windows 10 Update 1803 removed the Homegroup component. 


What are my options? 

1. Manage the server with the laptop (a bit annoying, it is my wife's, and no access to my files)?

2. Reinstall windows 7 on my PC (dual boot) to have access to the server and all my files from my pc at the same time?

3. Or wait for Microsoft to restore (if possible) the Homegroup component on my SWindows 10 PC?


Any comments, suggestions?



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