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My internet provider is Spectrum and the program I have is supposed to give me a download speed of 15 mbps.  I periodically take advantage of the speed tests provided by Spectrum.  Curious how a speed test can vary when you do two in a row, one right after the other.  Usually the first speed test will test lower and the one after will test higher.  I seldom download files but when I do I would like to know it is at the download speed I am paying for.  Anyone else, experience this? 

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Broadband speed test rates can vary minute by minute.

To get a a realistic figure of the actual speeds you get, do a series of tests over say a week at different times of day/night and see what the average you get is.

Preferably do a speed test which is not actually provided by your ISP ?


I use https://www.speedtest.net - I'm 20 miles from the nearest city, using a copper wire (not fibre) connection.



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