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Found 5 results

  1. So I recently was downloading windows 7 and everything was going fine until I had to enter my product key. I entered my product key and it says product key not I. Windows sku or something like that any help what should I do?
  2. A problem happened in a family member's laptop. I don't know what he did exactly but he says he saw a message and clicked it and the mouse also stopped working so he forced shut the laptop. When he started it again he found that all folders that he previously created on the desktop disappeared. Original folders did not. Chrome and Firefox no longer existed on the computer. Just the default browser, IE. Folders on the D: drive are still available. Only the ones on the desktop disappeared. He is using Windows 7. Here are the steps I tried to do to fix/detect the problem: I tried looking at the computer's event viewer. However, I found that no events were logged prior to the time the problem occurred. Tried reverting to a restore point. Found that no restore points existed prior to the problem's date except for a very old point that dates back to 2011. Tried showing "hidden" files and folders. Nothing happened. Downloaded and ran unhide.exe. Nothing happened. Tried a full scan with MalwareBytes. Nothing was detected. I have no idea what happened. The folders on the desktop were full of personal pictures which makes them valuable. Now I know why they say don't store anything on the desktop. How can I resolve this?
  3. My friend asked me about an issue he was having and I was slightly baffled at the issue and don't have the computer to work on it myself so I'm looking for some suggestions to tell him. The start menu will not open if you click on it, however if you press the windows key it'll open and then files/programs can be opened and files can be opened from his desktop. The computer has been powered off several times and still the start menu will not open when clicked on. I'm not familiar with Windows 7/Vista to know off hand what this could be and I've never encountered this problem in XP. Any ideas what to try or is there a solution for this? Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone: I was curious what am I doing wrong here. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate. I set up a built-in backup utility to do backups of my system on an external hard drive. (Control Panel -> Backup and Restore. I set it up to backup my system every Sunday @ 7 pm.) The external hard drive is 1TB in size (that is bigger than my actual HDD) and I thought everything was working right.... Until yesterday I noticed this flag icon with a red X next to the clock that told me that "I need to solve 1 important message." I clicked on it and it showed this, "The disc that your backup is saved on doesn't have enough free space." Well, yes, it won't have enough free space if old backups aren't removed :) So I was trying to find an option of how to set it up to automatically remove old backups but I couldn't seem to find it. Can someone suggest a location for that setting? (The built-in Windows backup utility cannot be that dumb as to expect me to remove old backups manually, can it?)
  5. Every now and then when I click and drag a window title in Windows 7, it minimizes all other windows. I can't seem to duplicate this consistently, nor can I figure out what to Google for to understand it. How do I stop this from happening? What specific steps are actually triggering it? Thanks
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