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  1. Operating System Support

    1. Windows Client OS Support

      For assistance with all Microsoft Windows client operating systems, such as XP, Vista, 7, 8 and the all new Windows 10.

    2. Windows Server Technologies

      Assistance and support can be found in here for all Windows Server, Exchange Server and SharePoint Server.

    3. Mac, Linux, Chrome OS Support

      If you are looking for help and support or just have a query, and you are not running Windows, this is the place for you.

  2. Support and Discussion

    1. Hardware Support and Discussion

      Problem installing a new piece of hardware, then post in here.

    2. Microsoft Application Support

      For assistance and support with all Microsoft applications such as Office.

    3. General Software Support and Discussion

      Problem installing an application, can't find a setting, then post in here.

    4. Internet, Networking and Security

      If you are having Internet related problems, network troubles or have a security related question, take a look in here.

    5. Miscellaneous Support!

      Not sure where to post? Post it in here, chances are you'll be right. Use this forum when the others do not apply to the problem that you might be having!

  3. Essentials

    1. Essential Guides

      A catalogue of step by step instructions on various subjects. Submitted by the members, for the members. This forum is also home to 'Essential Guides' created by Powerless.

    2. Essential Reviews

      A catalogue of reviews on various products. Submitted by members, for the members.

    3. Essential Headlines

      Keep up-to-date with news and information in the computer world.

    4. Essential Software

      Come across some great software? Then tell us about it...

    5. Essential Updates

      Keep up-to-date with new software releases in the computer world.

  4. Everything Else

    1. The Game Zone

      If you're looking for fun and games, take a look in this board and see what you can find!

    2. Programming, Debugging, Scripting...

      C#, C++, PHP, VB, etc.

    3. Websites, Design and Code

      Need a helping hand with that HTML? Don't know what the difference is bewteen HTML and XHTML? Still trying to figure out what CSS is all about....then pop in and we'll see what we can do!

    4. Home Cinema, Television, Sky, Virgin Media, Freeview, Freesat

      Don't know your DLP's from your Plasmas? Wondering what a LCD TV is? Are you wanting a 5.1 surround sound setup in your living room? Lets's see what we can do...

  5. Windows Forum Chat

    1. Windows Forum Related

      Please use this forum to discuss any forum related issues. Windows Forum staff will also use this forum to update you on critical information that affects the forum.

    2. Debates and Poll Station

      Something on your mind? Then debate it, or create a poll and let the voters vote."

    3. Subscribers Lounge

      This is a private lounge for those that have subscribed to Windows Forum. To subscribe to Windows Forum and give your support, please click the subscription link in the top navigation bar or visit your control panel.

    4. The Lounge

      Post a joke, post nothing to do with a computer and welcome new members.

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    • Further examination revealed that SATELLITE's  power input socket has been broken and pluging in the cable is not practical until it is mended (if poss.) I have bought a new hard drive for the TOSHIBA EQUIUM L20 197 and fitted it yesterday.   I have not yet had a play with it because today we went up to Guisborough  to visit an old chum who has been bedridden in a nursing home for about six years. He can not walk, or speak and the total right hand side of his body is paralysed, due to his having a stroke whilst half way through an open heart  operation. He can move his left arm and an his left leg but he is totally reliant on other people to help him get out of bed and into his invalid chair. Communication is carried out by questions that need only a nod of the head or a shake of the head by way of answer. His wife still lives at their home (in Guisborough) and spend most of every day down at the nursing home attending to most of his needs before getting a taxi back home in the evening. She is riddled with arthritis and rheumatism and various other elderly ladies problems. He is 88 and she is a couple of years younger.  We try to get up there every couple of months, weather permitting.
    • I have my photos,downloads,etc,etc,in fact anything that I value and don't want to loose,on my 1TB D drive This is duplicated on a small 80GB plug in drive,and saved yet again on memory sticks. The only things on my 1TB plug in drive are my mirror images,and a couple of these are also saved on the D drive. I have loads of space to spare at present.
    • Do you mean you have thrown away your sprig of lucky heather and gone all modern???
    • Andsome - you probably don't make many additions or changes to your computer and are happy that your backups are always sufficiently up-to-date.   In my case my docs and pics folders are an ever changing feast - and weekly Back-ups could result in losing a whole week's valuable work. That is why I have a separate drive for all my docs and data which is backed up daily every time I shut down the computer using "Second Copy" software.    We live on a small retirement estate and I am the director of the Management Company - thus keeping myself busy with all the correspondence, financials, liaison with our shareholders/inmates, Newsletters, plus supervision of contractors and services that is involved. Losing any of this information would be a disaster.  Hence I have a well-over-the-top backup regime with backups of everything duplicated on a hard disk in the study and one kept in our garage which is 40 yards remote from the house.   If my computer gets grumpy - I can therefore restore the C: drive and leave all the data alone or restore the data and leave the C: Drive alone or restore both.    In the event that the computer gets totally wrecked or stolen - I have a remote and up-to-date source of the C: and D: drives to reinstall everything on a new machine.