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The idea of this post is to be a data base of common games related problems, the post will be locked to prevent clutter and to make a search for a solution easy, if you have a suggestion for a fix PM me and I will include it here.

Right I shall start off......

Games that wont run/quit to desktop

1) Make sure your system is capable of running the game with the current graphical settings, if a game simply refuses to run or quits to desktop frequently try reducing the screen resolution from say 1024x768 to a more managable 800x600.

2) Reduce game detail so high detail games go easy on your G force MX

3) Close any unnecessary running programs you may have going in the background! ask yourself do you really need TKBELL.exe or QTTASK.exe running?? whats this I hear you ask?? well if you have no idea as to what a program in your startup list/End task box is then go here http://www.pacs-portal.co.uk/startup_pages...tartup_full.htm and find out what can be disabled, the more rubbish you can get shut of the better as your games will run faster/smoother and will be less prone to crashes caused by conflicts with other running programs.

4) Check your temps, What temp is your CPU?? a hot CPU will be unstable and likely to cause a crash when subjected to a high workload when playing your fave game.

AMD Athlon/Duron chips should run at a max temp of 60 C, anything over that and you need more cooling.

Intel Pentium processors run cooler and I would say anything over 50C and you should be looking to improve cooling.

How do I improve cooling?? - the best way is to add more fans, the most common and probably the best configuration is to have an intake fan low down at the front of your case, sucking in cool air and an exhaust fan at the rear of your case high up blowing out hot air.

Fitting a better CPU heatsink may also be advisable too, use some arctic silver 3 heat transfer paste in conjuntion with an uprated CPU heatsink for the best results.

To monitor your temps go here http://mbm.livewiredev.com/ and download mobo monitor, (link provided by Ellas)

Another usful utility can be found here http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php courtesy of Mark2.

5) Make sure you have the latest drivers for your mobo, sound card and most importantly make sure you have the right graphics card drivers, the latest drivers arnt always the best for your card, if you have say a G force 2 MX 200/400 then the best drivers for this card are detonator 23.11.

For graphics card drivers look no further than www.guru3d.com make sure you read the removal/installation guides as graphics card drivers MUST be installed correctly for best performance and a stable/error free system.

I have Win XP/Win 2000 and I cant run games at a refresh rate over 60Hz

If you run a game in Win XP or Win 2000 and it runs with a monitor refresh rate of 60Hz even though you have it set otherwise (you can tell because no matter what you try you cant get the game to fit properly on your screen) then go here http://www.pagehosting.co.uk/rf/ and download a program called Refresh force to fix this issue.

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Are you having problems running Colin Mcrae Rally under Win XP?

Try this suggestion from Madboy 33.........

What you have to do is this

put cd in to CD-ROM

click on support now(on left hand side)

then another page will open, this then gives you the XP patch to play the game.

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