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The Lounge - Rules


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Welcome to ‘The Lounge’.

This forum is to be used for members who wish to have a general chat about any subject they want that is not covered by the specific forums above.

This forum can be used as a place to meet and greet new members and post general chit chat.

Unintelligible, sexually orientated, explicit or warez threads are not allowed, so if any are found they shall be deleted and the member dealt with accordingly.

If any member signs up using a web forum registration bypass site then the user account will be deleted.

I would just like to assure all potential members that your registration details are not passed on to a third party

Thank you for your time,


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In light of recent topics, the lounge rules have been updated to include the following:

The Lounge is the place for non-computer related topics.

The ease of causing offence and the ease with which certain discussion topics become acrimonious means that we do not allow discussions on religion, racism, sexism, sexuality or race issues.

We do not permit any foul language, personal attacks on other forum members, partisan politics or anything which we consider may be construed as being libellous, either to Forum members or anyone else.

Any threads which breach these rules will be removed.

The decisions of Administration and Moderators on this are final.

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