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Windows 7 standby trouble: driver \FileSystem\srvnet

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I suffered the problem that Windows 7 did not went into Sleep/Standby mode after the defined time period. It worked for months and suddenly it did not.

What felt strange was, that if I went to the Windows shutdown menu and chose Standby then it worked. But once the computer waked up for a backup or a scheduled TV recording, it did not went into standby again.

But I found a solution:


First thing that came to my mind was the just installed Acronis Backup solutions or any Windows update. But I could not believe that this is the problem. Nevertheless I deinstalled Acronis but still suffered the problem. As deinstalling Windows updates is quite a hard task, I gave up the idea to deinstall them.


So I checked system -> device manager if a driver where marked as damaged or not working. Instead the "NEC USB 3.0 Root Hub" driver was automatically replaced by Windows with a driver named "Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Root Hub". The driver did not work and the device was marked as "not started properly". After I manually changed the driver back to NEC everything worked. But the standby issue was still not resolved.


I opened a cmd-console with admin rights (Windows menu -> enter "cmd" into the search box -> right click on cmd and choose run as administrator) and entered "powercfg -energy". After one minute the report said that the driver \FileSystem\srvnet made a request to avoid the standby of the system. Furthermore most of my USB devices denied to go into standby which could influence the CPU power management. I ignored the USB issues as I already activated selective USB power management in the computer's energy policy and I expected that the system will force a power down if needed. So my concentration was up to the driver \FileSystem\srvnet .


But how to avoid that the driver \FileSystem\srvnet sends requests to avoid system standby? I asked Dr.Google and found a lot of hints that the network sharing for media and documents should be disabled and that the membership on a network homegroup could be the reason. So I deactived media sharing and streaming and I left the network homegroup. But still no progress - the computer still denied to go into standby by itself.


Once again I started a cmd-console with admin rights and I entered "powercfg -request". Also here a got the result that \FileSystem\srvnet sent a request. But where could I configure Windows 7 to ignore this driver?

The solutions is quite simple. In a cmd-console with admin rights I entered "powercfg /?" and identified the -requestsoverride option. Could this be the solution? In fact it is! I just entered "powercfg -requestsoverride driver \FileSystem\srvnet system" and now my system's automatic standby is working again.

6) Unclear to me is why the requests of the driver \FileSystem\srvnet became activated and why this did not stopped e.g. after a reboot?

I also checked, if I had open network shares: but nothing. I also rebooted various times, but no change.

I do not know what the driver \FileSystem\srvnet is for and how the override could influence my system. Any help is welcome!



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