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Program is blocked due to compatibility issues

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Hi, I'm new here, and I kind of need some help...Anyways, I had Visual Basic 6.0 on my computer (I have Windows Vista) for a while, and it worked completely fine. Then one day my hard drive died and I had to replace it. I tried to install VB again, but I just get a window saying the program is blocked due to compatibility issues. What I don't understand why can't I install this now when I had before? Also, using the new Visual Studio isn't really a solution for me since it can't open my old programs that I really need to use.

Any help is appreciated!

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Ummm maybe a daft question here but had you reinstalled windows vista and if so have you download and installed all necessary windows updates including .net framework updates?

Did you format the new hard drive before use?

since it can't open my old programs that I really need to use.

I not understanding what you have actually done since the old hard drive died, need to know all you done prior to the hard drive failure....

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