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Cubic News, a great new free Windows 8 app.


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Hi guys,

I wasn't entirely sure this was the proper place to say this, so if its not, I apologize in advance.
Several partners and I have just finished developing a new app and we wanted input from anyone willing. This includes advice and tips for improvement as well recommendations on how to generate buzz.

We strive to make Cubic News a free Windows 8 app that provides breath-taking news of the highest quality along with images of similar quality. Major themes and topics include but not limited to financial news, sports news, global news and tech news. It features three ideal settings for delivering content and allows the user to swiftly look through breaking news or to slowly peruse topics.

Cubic News

We decided to not use the standard pre packaged layouts because we found them rather tawdry and overused, so we decided to make our own interface with different transitions.


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