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Connected to WiFi internet but cannot access web!?

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Okay to start please excuse my lack of knowledge!

My setup is this, I have a WiFi router in the main house and another WiFi router connected via Ethernet running in an outbuilding to which my PC is wirelessly connected. We had issues with all connected devices dropping connection intermittently. A friend of mine at the weekend worked some magic and changed IP addresses of devices as apparently the router wasn't doing this automatically. So all devices now ( laptops, blu ray etc have been assigned a different IP and are working fine.........EXCEPT my lenovo PC ( windows 8). The IP was changed on the PC and it is showing that it has full connectivity but it just tries to load and gives me the blue circle before timing out?!

I am slowly going insane as I really do not know what I am doing or where to start.......and my lovely friend has just gone away for a couple of months.

If anyone can help me It would make my day...week....month! Thank you in advance x

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