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What is the problem every front end developer faces and how to overcome it?

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At  first, its all good and exciting. But after a few weeks, the downside of the jobs comes to face in the form of deadlines, bug, reports, being yelled by at your manager sets up irritating you .Don’t worry we have got you shielded .Here are same basic problem every programmer faces:

  • Not understanding the user 

In software development, user eccentricity isn’t an option it’s a priority. Its mostly not easy for new programmers to understand what their visitor is wishing for, since they rarely get to interact with them. To overcome this hurdle you can:

1.Talk to the people who have direct access to users:

In this way, you  will be able to learn more things about the user. His experience, views and many more things can be learned and changes can made accordingly in the website.

2.Test your product: 

Release a beta version to the user’s first, so that the user can firstly experience it and give their views about it . Various major brands like Apple uses this technique to improve their version. In this way, if you don’t have access then testing your product is the best option one can get.

  • Debugging 

Debugging all of it sounds overwhelming for new programmers. Some bugs are easy to handle but a lot aren’t which can lead to the lost development time and endles frustration for new programmers. Even the best written code can they can be fixed. Her’s how

  1. Reproduce the error 

To fix your bugs, understand why they happened. Begin by reproducing them. During this process you will learn many things which help you in decode the problem.


  1. Get help and support:

 If you can’t reproduce a bug, get help. The tester who found the bug can help reproduce it for you or ask a friend to help you out.

  • Keeping up with  technology

Front end frameworks mostly last for a year or two before new updated versions gets shaped .Experienced programmers know that iterations and frequent updates come with the territory and you have to adapt to it in order to survive. As a new programmer, you might buckle under that pressure.

  • Time estimation

As professional working in an industry that  is controlled by deadlines, you might be asked to provide an estimate or the time it would take to complete a task such as debugging code or complete certain features in the code. Estimates are important in software development . They can be identified on basis of price quotes and project schedule.  Schedule delays cause problems and may compromise trust. The only fix to that problem is adjust yourself and break down tasks after timing yourself appropriately. 

  • Security Threats 

Data is valuable commodity and most of the people are prepared to pay a lot for it, including your client’s competitors which are always looking to prey into a top secret project that you might be working on. As a programmer, you might end up  overlooking security loopholes especially if your attention is mostly on dispatching a  error-free code rather than inspecting to see if it’s secure. Hackers know this deficiency and starts peeking for ways to infiltrate your code. To prevent attack, use  parameterized queries for SQL injections. Also, keep your workstation secure.Enemies aren’t always online they can be at your workspace.

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