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Avoid these 3 Things if You Want to Stay Healthy


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Avoiding some habits in diet or exercise is actually not a difficult matter. You just need to change the unhealthy pattern to a new, healthier pattern. The following describes what unhealthy patterns you should avoid:


1. Choose Low Fat or Fat Free

In 2012, a study from Purdue University showed that low-fat, fat-free salad dressings actually make it harder for your body to absorb the important nutrients found in salads. Carotenoids, which fight cancer, heart disease, and low vision, are more easily absorbed from vegetables when paired with foods high in fat.


You may think that you are doing the right thing to reduce the fat content in your nutritional intake, but actually you have reduced the benefits of salads! Use a homemade dressing that's loaded with fat, or add some avocado, nuts, seeds or oily fish to a salad to increase the natural availability of bionutrients.


3. Avoiding Sun Exposure

As part of a long-term skincare effort, you may be applying sunscreen, wearing a hat, and trying to stay in the shade. That's when you have time to really get away from work and head out for pleasure. There's really nothing wrong with that.


Wanting beautiful and soft skin as long as possible and avoiding sun exposure altogether is actually detrimental to health. In fact, without daily sun exposure, the body will struggle to produce enough vitamin D. And in the long run, it results in various symptoms of illness, such as depression, bowel problems, fatigue, muscle, bone and joint pain. You do not believe? Many studies have proven, the body that lacks vitamin D intake from direct sun exposure results in the various symptoms I mentioned earlier.

All you need is 10 minutes every day to expose the skin's surface to direct sunlight, without being blocked by sunscreen.


3. Avoid Salt Completely

Consuming salt (sodium chloride) has been considered a factor in heart disease for many years, and has always been associated with an increase in blood pressure.


However, research shows that dieting sodium or avoiding salt intake doesn't affect everyone in the same way. In fact, no changes in blood pressure were found after consuming varying amounts of sodium. Significant changes were only found in those who were sensitive to salt.


That's 3 things you should pay attention to related to your health. Take care of your health before you get sick.


Source: hybernasi

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