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Is anyone in 2022 interested in android TV boxes?

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Just a question I'm curious about, because they're cheap enough and internet in some places are cheap also...


I believe some people have stopped watching regular TV entirely. and now they watch anything on LED TV + ANDROIDTV Boxes + Internet. 😁

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Also, these android TV boxes are being made by various companies, ranging from the well known ones, to crappy generic made in China ones. 😅


and also, android TV boxes are ate least tho more chunkier but better performing ones versus the android TV sticks. Which range from the cheaper end to the premium ones.


no wonder regular TV is losing viewers, these are very accessible nowadays. 😁


here's an example of android boxes from an article I was reading earlier: https://www.radiotimes.com/technology/technology-guides/what-is-android-tv-box/


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