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The webpage of my website is opening quite slow!

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Hi Abu Bakar! Your website, wandererguru.com, generally performs well in terms of speed, but certain articles or pages, such as "best belts for hiking" and "best snake gaiters," seem to have slower loading times. To improve user experience and engagement, consider optimizing the content and images on these specific pages. Compressing images and using efficient coding can enhance their load times. Additionally, you might want to assess your hosting provider or server resources to ensure they can handle peak traffic efficiently. Keep monitoring and fine-tuning these pages to provide a smoother experience for your visitors. Good luck!


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Hey Abu Bakar! I see your site's pretty fast overall, but those specific pages loading slow can be a headache. Issue might be because of the hosting provider. Switching the web host could help you on this.
Oryon is known for making pages load faster, especially content-heavy ones like you mentioned. Give them a try—it might fix those slow page issues!

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Please check the pages that are loading slowly in the page speed insights, you may be making some mistakes. The page speed insights will show you what to do (increase dom size, unused css, or initial server response time) you can then fix these errors.

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