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Hi Guys
I find this a weird one i must say.
I use W10
Quite a competent user (I thought)
Have done a reformat using a usb boot stick
Had a pc shop do a reformat

The problem I have at present is that, I have always used Google Chrome, had a Google home page and all has gone well for years but my HP laptop was starting to slow up
which was frustrating as I keep most stuff on a flash drive for security. I thought the only way to solve it was a refiormat, hence all said above.
Once done, I found Google was still slow to open so I UNinstalled Google Chrome and reluctanly started using Edge, now the problems.
1) I found it hard to recreate my google home page with the search box on centre of screen.
2) I then REinstalled Chrome but every time I c/o Google Chrome icon, it opens 2 Gmail tabls.

I invite suggestions and I have UNinstalled chrom again and then reinstalled it, but the same happens

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