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Found 39 results

  1. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 39

    Taxidermist aims for "Magnificent Puma leaping" but achieves " Big Kitty crapping in litter box "
  2. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 38

    Poor Fido, it's what he would have wanted.
  3. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 37

    The eyes aren't quite right.
  4. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 36

    Click here
  5. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 23

    Stuffed Lion looking a bit manky, try the Wayne Rooney hair transplant method. Yes folks, glue a sheepskin to its head for that ultra convincing Simba king of the jungle look !
  6. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 33

    The little known Dachsfuchs
  7. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 31

    Apparently it was a bobcat before all its hair fell out.
  8. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 32

    I just feel the preservation process didn't.
  9. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 30

    Being a wild animal nerd of long standing I can usually hazard a guess, this thing however, it's a mystery.
  10. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 29

    Combine the taxidermist art with the desire to create something practical and you get this oh so desirable leopard stool.
  11. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 24

    Why does it looked as if it's been smoked ?
  12. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 22

    It may gave been a dog before the hair fell out, but why it seems to have a cowl nailed to its head is beyond me.
  13. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 18

    It's a..............No I give up, it's dead and that as much as I can say with any degree of accuracy. Looks as if it could have been a grey squirrel at some point, but the teeth are all wrong.
  14. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 17

    There are many sites listing bad taxidermy photos, most of them run the same set of images or at least duplicate a lot. This is one image that appears in many, cited as an example of a badly stuffed wild boar. Two things wrong with this theory : It's not a wild boar it's a domestic Mangalica the Hungarian Woolly pig. It ain't dead, so can't qualify as a taxidermy job. Nice to know that the internet is so accurate in all things.
  15. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 16

    Ooops, bit late, sorry.
  16. Belatucadrus

    Bad taxidermy 15

    Not so much a comment on the end product, more a critique of the taxidermy profession. WHY HASN'T HE BEEN SKINNED & STUFFED YET ?

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