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Installing Windows XP Home Edition - Part 1


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To start installing Windows XP Home Edition you will first need to boot from the CD, click here to learn how to boot from the CD.

If your computer does support booting from the CD you will need the Windows XP Home Edition Utility: Setup Disks for Floppy Boot Install which can be obtained from here However a floppy boot install will not be discussed here.

This tutorial will assume that the target hard drive is "fresh" and unpartioned.

This tutorial will not cover any upgrade paths from previous Windows Operating Systems.

Boot from the XP CD

When you boot from the CD you will have to to Press any key to boot from CD failure to do so will not boot from the CD and you cannot continue with the Install.

So when you are asked simply press any key. [see pic below]


Now your computer's hardware configuration will be inspected. [see pic below]


The Windows Setup will now load all files that are needed. [see pic below]


Now as were installing Windows XP Home Edition for the first time Press Enter [see pic below]


Now you will have to accept a License Agreement to use Windows XP, so press F8 to Accept. [see pic below]


Now you can select to install Windows XP or you can partition your hard drive. Press C to partition or press ENTER to start the install.

Lets have a look on how to partition your hard drive [by pressing C] [see pic below]


Enter you partition size in MB and press enter, this will then create your partition. [see pic below]


You should now see your newly created partition. You can choose to install Windows XP to either partiton by selecting the partiton and press ENTER to begin the install.


Choosing the File system [NTFS or FAT] will depend upon if you are on a network and the performance you want from your computer.

For a guide on choosing the file system system click here

To learn about the Differences Between a Quick Format and Format During Windows XP Setup click here.

Select your the file system you want to use and press ENTER. [see pic below]


The partition where your installing Windows XP will now have to be partitoned and the time this takes will depend upon the file system chosen and the size of your hard drive. [see pic below]


Continue to part 2

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