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Installing Windows XP Home Edition - Part 3


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Your Computer Will Be Faster and More Reliable


Easily Move Documents and Personal Settings To A New Computer


Regional and Language Options

Here you have to choose your Regional and Language Options, however you can change them at a later date.

So make any appropriate changes and then click Next [see pic below]


Personalize Your Software

Here you have to enter your name as well as your [optional] organization.

Click Next to continue. [see pic below]


Your Product Key

Enter the 25 digit product key and try not to get your 8 and B mixed up as well as 1 and I. Very easy to do...

Failure to enter a valid product will prevent you from continuing with the install.

Enter you product key and click Next to continue. [see pic below]


What's Your Computer's Name?

Here you have to give your computer a name. Enter a name and click Next to continue.


Date and Time Settings

Here you have to set the date and time.

Enter the the date, the time and select your time zone and click Next to continue. [see pic below]


Network Settings

You can leave this to Typical settings however if you need to change which network componets are installed then choose Custom.

Click Next to continue. [see pic below]


The following are just images and this part of the install requires you to do absolutely nothing.

Windows will be installing as you see these images and they may well repeat...

You can skip this part by clicking here

Create A Personal Computing Experience


Connect To The Web


Continue to part 4

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