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Dual Boot Windows 98 and Windows XP - Part 3


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[image 1.9]

Files will then be copied needed for the Windows Setup. [see Image 1.9]


[image 2.0]

Now to start installing Windows 98 click on Continue [see Image 2.0]

Now you will have to allow Windows 98 to install and when you are at your Windows 98 Desktop remove the Windows 98 Installation Disk and replace it with your your Windows XP Installation Disk. Restart your computer and allow your computer to boot from the XP CD.

See: How to boot from the CD


[image 2.1]

When you boot from the CD you will have to to Press any key to boot from CD failure to do so will not boot from the CD and you cannot continue with the Install.

So when you are asked simply press any key. [see Image 2.1]


[image 2.2]

Now your computer's hardware configuration will be inspected. [see Image 2.2]


[image 2.3]

The Windows Setup will now load all files that are needed. [see Image 2.3]


[image 2.4]

Now as were installing Windows XP Home Edition Press Enter [see Image 2.4]


[image 2.5]

Now you will have to accept a License Agreement to use Windows XP, so press F8 to Accept. [see Image 2.5]


[image 2.6]

Now you will have to choose where Windows XP will be installed. Windows 98 is installed to partition C so do not select this partition. Select the Unpartitoned space and press Enter [see Image 2.6]


[image 2.7]

If you want Windows 98 to "see" your Window XP partition then choose the FAT file system. If you choose the NTFS file system. then when you are using Windows 98 you will not be able to see this partiton as Windows 98 does support the NTFS file system.

If you choose the FAT file system it is possible to convert to the NTFS file system when using Windows XP. [see Image 2.7]


[image 2.8]

The partition will now have to be formatted. [see Image 2.8]

Continue to part 4

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