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Dual Boot Windows 98 and Windows XP - Part 2


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[image 1.1]

A Primary DOS partiton should then be created so press the Esc key to continue [see Image 1.1]


[image 1.2]

Now you have to set the partiton that you created, active. So type 2 and press Enter. [see Image 1.2]


[image 1.3]

Now type 1 and press Enter. [see Image 1.3]


[image 1.4]

The partiton should be active. [see Image 1.4]

Now it's best to restart your computer here, so please restart your computer...


[image 1.5]

Allow the computer to boot from the Windows 98 Startup Disk and at the A:\> prompt type, FORMAT C:

Press Y when you are asked Proceed with Format (Y/N)?. The formatting should now start. [see Image 1.5]


[image 1.5a]

Now you have to give the partition a Volume Label or you can choose not to. If you don't want a Volume Label press enter or if you do want a volume lable type the name. [see Image 1.5a]


[image 1.5b]

You should then be returned to an A:\> prompt. Type E:* and you should now see an E:\> prompt

What you have done is switched to another drive, from the floppy drive to your CD-ROM drive where your Windows 98 Installation Disk will be sitting.

To start the installation of Windows 98 type, setup


*The drive letter of your CD-ROM drive.

[see Image 1.5b]


[image 1.6]

Press Enter to allow a routine check to be performed on your system. [see Image 1.6]


[image 1.7]

Scandisk will now perform a check of drive C: [see Image 1.7]


[image 1.8]

When scandisk has finished it should hopefully report no errors, using the arrow keys select < EXIT > and press Enter. [see Image 1.8]

Continue to part 3

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