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Create a shortcut to launch multiple programs

Scarecrow Man

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Just make a batch file.

Start > Run > cmd. go to the root of the drive, (C:\) Type edit test.bat


Right click your desktop, New > text document. Write the following lines substituting the filename for the program you want to run. After, save your file as test.bat.

You can even add parameters in your batch file.

start C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox.exe
start C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Thunderbird.exe
start I:\Business Tools\EssentialPIM\EssentialPIM.exe

Then create a new shortcut on your desktop or quicklaunch pointed to test.bat and add any icon you wish.

One may ask why make a batch file to launch multiple programs when one can simply put them into the Startup group. Let's say I use several utilities to manage pictures and videos. Rather then search for each icon every time I can simply put the apps I need to run in a batch file, make a shortcut on the desktop, and launch all of them at once, saving time.

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