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Mozilla and Windows Update


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I recently got a new computer (HP Pavilion dv7) and I was told that since I use Mozilla instead of Internet Explorer, my windows updates were not being properly installed on my old computer (HP Pavilion dv9000). I have windows update set to automatic updates on my computer and I have the Mozilla Windows Update Add-On on my Firefox browser. Also every time I go to windows update on internet explorer it just opens the windows update program on my computer. Given this information, do I still need to use Internet Explorer to receive updates or is the automatic updating sufficient to properly receive windows updates from now on?

Sorry if this has already been posted and resolved, I just signed up to this forum and I'm not sure which topic to put this question under.

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I have a computer with Xp and Firefox with the IE tab installed and get all the updates, I also have one that was Vista and didn't install the IE tab and had no problems getting the updates, that one has been upgraded to W7 and still gets the updates so I would say no, also if they are automatic they will decide what they open with.

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