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Windows XP wont recognize internet


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I'm using a Nforce-6161cpadc-00 Motherboard (nForce3-S DDR 8kda7i)250 wich has a ethernet, fast ethernet plug in it allrdy so I don't have a seperate card.

I first had a Windows XP SP3 on my machine and everything worked, I had my internet and so on, then I switched to Linux for 2 years and there also everything worked, but now I installed Windows XP SP3 on my machine again.

All the drivers are old there so graphics is slow + I can't go to internet, I have tryed all the "Set up" network wizards and tryed all options possible in them and none have worked, when I have the network cable in my comptuer it's glowing green like it has to but it doesn't do thoes yellow blinks anymore like it used to when internet was doing something.

Also when I look into the hardware section in Control panel/System/ hardwere tab, I don't see any network adapter in the avaibale hardwares...

I have also tryed to download a driver for my motherboard from nvidias site on another PC but it didnät fix anything.

Edit: oh and also about my network: I don't need to give ISP any passwords or sumthing, it's just a plug and go connection. Now I have connected my modem with a router, and from router 2 cables go to seperate PC's on is mine one is my parants, the other one has it's connection but mine doesen't since I reinstalled my windows.

Any help about this?

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Are you installing operating systems one on top of the other,or are you installing on a "sterile" disk?

Sometimes if one doesn't completely clean all and reformat the media the OS is installed on,there are bit and pieces left behind by previous install(s) that may cause problems with a new installation.

Something akin to uninstalling and reinstalling a program or application on your PC.There are always leftovers of the uninstalled.If certain files or entries are present when reinstalling,the install may hit a wall with an error.Or it may result in a "buggy" install.You may even get BSODs.Or a perfectly good install.It' a roll of the dice.

Welcome to Windows Forum,Zirts.(Isn't that the name of a confection?)


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Well seeing as Linux and windows use 2 completely different file systems, windows would do a format in order to do an install.

Zirtis, does anything show up in the device manager with a Yellow Question mark for an icon, this will usually be located in a group called unknown devices.

If you have installed the drivers from the Motherboards website, and there is an unknown device, older drivers commonly don't reinstall a device that hasn't been installed properly, so if an unknown device is present, delete it, and reboot the machine, see if it re-installs.

Also, sometimes OS's can do funny things, double check in the BIOS, make sure it didn't get shut off some how.

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