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PSI -2.0

Lamb Chop

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I have run PSI on both computers for years and have been very happy with it as it lets me know if an update is needed etc.

Recently they have brought out a new version which from their forum - I am no talone in having problems with it. It loaded first off for me then I had hanging and frozen on boot and unforteately it was as always when a heap of programs updated because of nasties being out there etc so hard to know which one is the gremlin.

After most o 1 day spent on trying in safe mode to find the culprit - it was the new version of PSI. So uninstalled it.

But now I find that the computer is running faster - I had thought because I am on ADSL2+ these days it seemed slow in comparison with downloading off the net but no it must have been that PSI used up a lot of whatever you call it :unsure:

I still have the previous version and I was going to put it back up but now decided not to as love the fact that even my typing if up to speed - B1 Comsen OP in the Army - so fast.

So am I right and this program was slowing down the computer using up whatever? Not being tech minded - only just able to use safe mode etc and then with fingers crossed - usually do restore but that didn't fix it this time - went back several times but no go so did the let it go and then start uninstalling etc and see what happens.

Shame really liked it.:angry: Case of overdoing the thing I suppose. It never used to slow me down only lately as new versions came and then I started to notice around 6 months or so ago but had just upgraded on ADSL etc.

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