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Forthcoming information ? - It is all about getting the computer user back on the road as swiftly as possible, and by whatever means available and possible.

Sometimes the very answers to problems that we ask people to talk us through are right here on the forum all of the time. As a voluntary forum there is not always someone around with the time free to come back with an immediate reply.

Guides offer answers to simple problems in one consolidated area of the forum. Not much point in running over everything twice when you can read and understand it once.

You will soon have that computer of yours up and running again very soon now. :)


How to troubleshoot Activation error codes

Activating Windows: frequently asked questions

Where do I Find My Windows 7 Product Key

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Update Your Windows Product Key:


How To Change Windows 7 Product Key After Install

Automatic Product Key Changer

There are many instances of people reporting that their genuine copy of Windows 7 is being flagged as "Not Genuine" Because the reasons for this are wide and varied, and registry cleaners, some anti-virus software, and other glitches are responsible, it is best to follow the link below to find and diagnose your individual problem.

CLICK HERE FOR: > My Windows 7 is genuine, - but it tells me it's not !

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