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Surprising amount of free software from Comodo

Lamb Chop

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I am struggling right now with Comodo Anti Virus. I do think the Anti virus is a bit more technical than many.

Seems efficient says has stopped 4 infections and has looked at my files and up in the clouds has 551 all good whatever that means. May mean something to you guys but not sure myself. Having problems with it starting up and going to their forum to see if FAQ etc.

But looked at this and thought wow what a lot on offer and free too. So thought some of you may have time to evaluate these items and tell me, and others who may not be tech minded, if these are good to have etc. Looks to be a whole lot of goodies and seem to be very top notch for free. :devil:


One think is their Geeky bit added to Anti Virus - maybe wrong but think this is a subscriber service not free and looks to be US of A phone call to me. Am going to check if can uninstall it without problem as starting up.

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From the freeware I am using their firewall. It is very easy to use - has to be I can use it ha ha.

Learns fast - and compared with Online Armour whose free firewall I was using, but cant find free version which nagged a lot, quiet. Like others you now have to buy the whole security package seemingly.

But with Comodo they sell mainly to corporates but free to home users much of their products as say earn heaps off business.

All the free software is on here


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